Want an energetic speaker to share research-based information with practical applications?                       Contact Dr. Behe to speak at your next company program or industry event. Current topics Bridget can adapt for your next program:

  • Build a Better Garden Retail Store! From recent findings in her consumer studies, Dr. Behe will explain how to create a more compelling retail space. Merchandising, signs, and plant guarantees all play a role as does the product itself.
  • Home-grown Consumer Research: DIY. In this session, Bridget will discuss some inexpensive and effective ways to do your own consumer research to better inform your strategic marketing plans.
  • Marketing Pollinators to Consumers. Dr. Behe will present some research-based findings about what consumers really think about pollinators and how growers manage insect problems. Bridget will also share some practical ways to market pollinators.
  • Who Reads Your Signs? Bridget will present some research-based information about how consumers react to signage in the retail space.
  • Is The Price Right? There is more to pricing than simply calculating costs. Bridget will discuss some pricing concepts and share some research-based findings on how consumers react to pricing in communications.