Connect-2-Consumer is dedicated to helping horticultural businesses better connect with their customers. Whether your firm is a producer of plants, wholesaler of plants, or (especially) a retailer of plants, this website is for you! Visit here often to see the latest research-based information on what is new in the world of people and their plants. The website contains many of the research findings of Dr. Bridget K. Behe, a professor of horticultural marketing at Michigan State University (1997-present). Dr. Behe has conducted more than 100 original consumer research projects related to people who buy edible and ornamental plants, products, and related services. She believes strongly that research-based information can help businesses make better marketing decisions, making them more profitable and sustainable.

Weekly podcasts have begun bringing you information about what consumers are thinking, how they are shopping, and what you can do to grab and hold their attention, motivating them to buy.

Your questions, comments, and feedback are important so please feel free to email me at hello@Connect-2-Consumer.com. Thanks!

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