Marketing Publications

Below are links to many of Bridget’s recent research (peer-reviewed) publications


How do Garden Retailers Promote Their Businesses?

Where are the Structural Breakpoint in Green Industry Growth?

Measuring the Effects of Promotion Expenditures


An Eye-tracking study of minimally branded products: Hedonism and branding plants

Age Cohort Influences Brand Recognition

How Do Consumers Perceive Real and Fictitious Plant Brands?


Cultivating the Next Generation of Gardeners

Ethnicity and Age Influence Plant Purchases

Gen X and Y Attitudes Toward Floral Gifts

How do Home Owners v Renters Buy Plants?

Consumer perspectives on environmental issues


Consumer Involvement Expertise in Water Conservation affects Landscape Use & Enjoyment

Consumer Perceptions, Attitudes, and Purchase Behavior with Landscape Plants During Real and Perceived Drought Periods

Consumer Perceptions of Landscape Plant Production Water Sources and Uses


Visual attention to eco-labels predicts consumer preferences for pollinator friendly plants

Comparative Consumer Perspectives on Eco Friendly Insect Management Practices

Consumer Preferences for Bee Friendly Horticultural Products


Are Consumers Willing to Pay More for Biodegradable Containers?

The Appeal of Biodegradable Packaging to Floral Consumers

Investigating Consumer Preferences for Biodegradable Containers

General environmental concerns

How do consumer perceptions of local influence attention to state marketing campaigns?

Current and Future Consequences on Eco-Friendly Products

Consumer Perceptions of Eco-friendly Terms

Consumer Preference for Sustainable Attributes in Plants

Consumer Preferences for Local and Sustainable Plant Production Characteristics

Consumer Preferences for Organic Production Methods

Gardening Consumer Segments Vary in Ecopractices

U.S. and Canadian Consumer Perception of Local and Organic Terminology

Environmental Concerns

Investigating Consumer Preference for Organic Local or Sustainable Plants

General business

Assessing the Economic Contributions and Benefits of Consumer Horticulture

Regional Marketing Practices in U.S. Nursery Production

Smartphone Use and Online Search and Purchase Behavior

Product guarantees

Consumer Preferences for Longevity Information and Guarantees on Cut Flower Arrangements

Do Plant Guarantees Matter?


Consumer Perceptions of Landscape Value

Consumer Perceptions of Native Plants and Naturalistic Designs

Merchandising (including signage)

Displays signs and Involvement

Effect of Involvement on Visual Attention and Product Choice

Estimating From Which Floral Outlet Consumers Will Buy

How Does the Presentation of Price Affect Consumer Evaluation of Products

Consumer Preferences for Container Factors


How do pricing and the representation of price affect consumer evaluation of nursery products A conjoint analysis