Episode 33: Five Ways to Build a Curious Company

A recent Harvard Business Review article highlighted the importance of curiosity in companies. This week, Bridget shares some key findings from the article. Curiosity helps build resilience in a company and gives employees the ability to see from different perspectives. Companies that have employees who ask good questions (and keep their eyes open for answers) make better decisions. Curious? Take a break and listen to the podcast.

Episode 33 transcript

Episode 26: Developing Your Network

Last week, Bridget talked about creating and refining your elevator speech. This week, she helps you understand how to use your elevator speech and then develop some good questions to start a conversation on the trade show floor. Marketing yourself means that you can be an interesting person by asking good questions and learning from the responses.

Episode 26 transcript

Episode 20: Carl Linneaus on Marketing

Carl Linneaus devised our system of binomial nomenclature (genus, species) for plants. He was a respected physician and botanist. Bridget recently visited his home and teaching garden in Uppsala, Sweden. She discovered what a great marketer he was. This week, Bridget describes Carl’s influence on the industry and many of the names plants have today.

Episode 20 transcript

Episode 15: Zip Codes

You can learn a lot from a Zip Code! In today’s busy society, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get people to complete surveys so that businesses can better understand them. Asking for a Zip Code at check-out provide the business with some great information that can be obtained for free at American Fact Finder (link). In this week’s episode, Bridget will discuss the importance and value of collecting Zip Code information and what you can do with it to boost your marketing strategy.

Episode 15 transcript

Episode 13: Marketing Defined

With this new segment to the Marketing Munchies podcast series, Bridget will introduce some “marketing basics.” This first marketing basics podcast focuses on the definition of marketing. All too often marketing gets confused with (only) advertising. In this week’s episode, Bridget will discuss the American Marketing Association’s definition of marketing and how many firms develop from a product perspective to a sales perspective and (finally) to a consumer-focused marketing perspective.

Episode 13 transcript

Episode 4: Features and Benefits

What should you really be marketing this spring? Benefits, not features. Last week, Bridget and Charlie Hall discussed his article on plant benefits. This week, Bridget can help you turn product features into benefits. Features are attributes about the product (what color the flower is or how much nitrogen the fertilizer has in it). Benefits are what the product does for the buyer. In this episode of the Marketing Munchie podcast, Bridget will give you some insight about how to help you and your employees market benefits, not features.

Episode 4 Features and Benefits transcript