S2, Episode 1: Resolutions

Happy New Year! This week, Bridget has some suggestions for business marketing resolutions to help your business prosper and thrive in 2019. From learning a new skill to reflecting on good and not-so-good occurrences at the business, Bridget will give you some ideas for ways to help your firm grow in 2019.

Season 2 Episode 1 transcript


Episode 43: Marketing Yourself with Dr. Jennifer Brown

Bridget starts a mini-series with some special guests. This week, former doctoral student and current Vice President and Dean of Undergraduate Education at University of California Riverside is Dr. Jennifer Brown. Jennifer and Bridget had a rare chance to catch-up and Bridget asked Jennifer to share her expertise on marketing yourself. Jennifer shares three tidbits that helped her market herself. Maybe they will help you, too.  First, work on developing the talents and skills you have. Second, build the confidence and share them with those who will be helped the most. Third Рget that elevator speech ready!

Episode 43 transcript

Episode 26: Developing Your Network

Last week, Bridget talked about creating and refining your elevator speech. This week, she helps you understand how to use your elevator speech and then develop some good questions to start a conversation on the trade show floor. Marketing yourself means that you can be an interesting person by asking good questions and learning from the responses.

Episode 26 transcript

Episode 25 Marketing Yourself: Your Elevator Speech

Marketing yourself is an important part of your career. In this week’s episode, Bridget talks about developing and delivering your elevator speech. Your elevator speech is a brief summary of who you are, what you are doing at work, and what you would like to do in the future. It can be stated in the time that you might ride up or down a few floors in an elevator. Listen this week to learn how to develop your elevator speech and why it’s so important as you market yourself.

Episode 25 transcript