Episode 8: Getting New Hires Started Successfully

With unemployment at an all time low, finding and keeping new hires is a big challenge. Getting them on-board for a successful start is key to keeping them on your team. Based on a 12/18 Harvard Business Review article, Bridget discusses the technical and social activities to get new employees off to a great start.


S2, Episode 5: What’s Your Vision?

What’s your vision? Bridget talks about vision statements this week. Whether its for one day, one week, or one year – clearly articulating a vision for what you want to accomplish can really help you manage your time. Listen this week and learn more about the power of vision statements.

Season 2 Episode 5 transcript

Episode 44: Marketing Faux Pas with Leslie Halleck

Some firms struggle to develop and execute marketing plans. This week, Bridget’s guest is Michigan State graduate Leslie Halleck, founder and president of Halleck Horticulture. Bridget and Leslie have a chat in the car about three of the more common marketing faux pas and how businesses can address them.

Episode 44 transcript


Episode 41: The Distance to Local

Local is one of those unregulated terms that many retailers elect to use. Prior research shows that some consumers are willing to pay more for locally-grown products. Bridget’s guests this week are Dr. Trey Malone (Agriculture, Food and Resource Economics at Michigan State) and doctoral student Jarrod Ferris. The three discuss Jarrod’s recent work about consumer perceptions of local as it pertains to Michigan cider.

Episode 41 transcript


Episode 37: Economic Benefits of Plants

Returning as a guest on the show is Dr. Charlie Hall, Ellison Endowed Chair at Texas A&M University. Bridget and Charlie discuss the economic benefits of plants. From the value of an installed landscape to increasing occupancy rates, plants add tremendous economic benefits. Listen as Charlie and Bridget discuss the economic benefits of plants that every business should be communicating to its customers. Here is a link to the  Hall and Dickson Green Industry Benefits article.

Episode 37 transcript

Episode 36: Choice Overload

Too many choices? Sometimes we can overwhelm customers with too many choices. This week, Bridget and guest host Dr. Trey Malone (Michigan State Agriculture, Food, and Resource Economics Dept.) discuss choice overload. When do we risk putting too many choices in front of customers? How do we know when enough is enough?

Episode 36 transcript

Episode 35: Consumer Perceptions and Preferences

This week, Bridget’s guest is Dr. Trey Malone (Assistant Professor, Agriculture, Food, and Resource Economics at Michigan State). Trey and Bridget talk about the differences between consumer preferences (I like pink petunias) versus perceptions (petunias require a lot more water than succulents). Which can marketers influence more easily? Which influences purchases more? Listen and learn how you can use consumer preferences and perceptions to encourage purchases.

Episode 35 transcript

Episode 33: Five Ways to Build a Curious Company

A recent Harvard Business Review article highlighted the importance of curiosity in companies. This week, Bridget shares some key findings from the article. Curiosity helps build resilience in a company and gives employees the ability to see from different perspectives. Companies that have employees who ask good questions (and keep their eyes open for answers) make better decisions. Curious? Take a break and listen to the podcast.

Episode 33 transcript

Episode 32: Three Ways to Nudge Consumers to Better Plant Choices

Putting into practice some research from the NY Times best-selling book Nudge: Improving Decisions about Health, Wealth, and Happiness by Thaler and Sunstein, Bridget talks about three ways to nudge consumers to better choices. You can influence choice in many ways, but Bridget discusses how identifying items as popular, promoting the use of social media, and encouraging online reviews are three ways you can nudge your customers into making better plant choices. Just by saying the book is a NY Times best-seller can help Thaler and Sunstein sell more books!

Episode 32 transcript

Episode 29: 5 Tips to Make Better Signs

We all want people to read signs, but often they don’t. This week, Bridget shares five tips to making better signs. Price is an important component of the sign, but price shouldn’t be the headline. Bridget’s research shows that the side of the sign where price appears does matter. So, too, does the other information included on the sign. Benefits should be more prominent than features and having people on the sign also makes a difference.

Episode 29 transcript