S2, Episode 3: Dr. Phil Howard on Stealth Ownership

Bridget and her guest co-host, Trey Malone, welcome back Phil Howard to continue his discussion on mergers and acquisitions. Specifically, they talk about stealth ownership. This happens when a firm buys a brand or other business but works to keep that relationship under wraps. It’s more common in the beverage industry that you’d think.


S2, Episode 2: Dr. Phil Howard on Mergers & Acquisitions

Bridget and guest co-host Trey Malone welcome Phil Howard from the Department of Sustainability at Michigan State. Phil has published some recent research on when and why agricultural firms acquire competitors or suppliers. Phil’s research gives us insight about growth opportunities during periods of sluggish sales growth.

Episode 2 transcript

Episode 44: Marketing Faux Pas with Leslie Halleck

Some firms struggle to develop and execute marketing plans. This week, Bridget’s guest is Michigan State graduate Leslie Halleck, founder and president of Halleck Horticulture. Bridget and Leslie have a chat in the car about three of the more common marketing faux pas and how businesses can address them.

Episode 44 transcript