Episode 44: Marketing Faux Pas with Leslie Halleck

Some firms struggle to develop and execute marketing plans. This week, Bridget’s guest is Michigan State graduate Leslie Halleck, founder and president of Halleck Horticulture. Bridget and Leslie have a chat in the car about three of the more common marketing faux pas and how businesses can address them.

Episode 44 transcript


Episode 43: Marketing Yourself with Dr. Jennifer Brown

Bridget starts a mini-series with some special guests. This week, former doctoral student and current Vice President and Dean of Undergraduate Education at University of California Riverside is Dr. Jennifer Brown. Jennifer and Bridget had a rare chance to catch-up and Bridget asked Jennifer to share her expertise on marketing yourself. Jennifer shares three tidbits that helped her market herself. Maybe they will help you, too.  First, work on developing the talents and skills you have. Second, build the confidence and share them with those who will be helped the most. Third – get that elevator speech ready!

Episode 43 transcript

Episode 42: The Social Nature of Local Purchases

While the word local goes unregulated (as to how far away something truly is local) many people are willing to pay a premium price for locally-produced goods. But have you ever thought about why they are willing to pay more? This week, Bridget and Trey Malone (Agriculture, Food, and Resource Economics at Michigan State) talk about the social nature of local goods. It turns out, there is a reason why social media marketing on Facebook (and how many friends a retail business has) may really pay off for local products.

Episode 42 transcript


Episode 41: The Distance to Local

Local is one of those unregulated terms that many retailers elect to use. Prior research shows that some consumers are willing to pay more for locally-grown products. Bridget’s guests this week are Dr. Trey Malone (Agriculture, Food and Resource Economics at Michigan State) and doctoral student Jarrod Ferris. The three discuss Jarrod’s recent work about consumer perceptions of local as it pertains to Michigan cider.

Episode 41 transcript


Episode 39: Human Health and Well-Being Benefits of Plants

Dr. Charlie Hall is back again this week to talk with Bridget about human health and well-being benefits of plants. Students learn and retain more when they can see flowers and plants. People are more compassionate when they can be around plants and trees. Obesity among children and their families is reduced when schools have gardens where children can connect with plants. Our industry needs to promote these fact-based messages to help improve each person’s health and well-being.

Episode 39 transcript

Episode 38: Environmental Benefits of Plants

We all know that trees produce oxygen while taking carbon dioxide out of the air. We need trees and other plants to produce oxygen we need to live. This week, Bridget has Charlie Hall return to discuss the environmental benefits of plants. From erosion and runoff mitigation, to improved rainwater percolation, to sight and sound barriers, plants give us many environmental benefits we need to be sharing with customers and community members. Here is a link to the Hall and Dickson Green Industry Benefits article.

Episode 38 transcript

Episode 37: Economic Benefits of Plants

Returning as a guest on the show is Dr. Charlie Hall, Ellison Endowed Chair at Texas A&M University. Bridget and Charlie discuss the economic benefits of plants. From the value of an installed landscape to increasing occupancy rates, plants add tremendous economic benefits. Listen as Charlie and Bridget discuss the economic benefits of plants that every business should be communicating to its customers. Here is a link to the  Hall and Dickson Green Industry Benefits article.

Episode 37 transcript

Episode 36: Choice Overload

Too many choices? Sometimes we can overwhelm customers with too many choices. This week, Bridget and guest host Dr. Trey Malone (Michigan State Agriculture, Food, and Resource Economics Dept.) discuss choice overload. When do we risk putting too many choices in front of customers? How do we know when enough is enough?

Episode 36 transcript

Episode 35: Consumer Perceptions and Preferences

This week, Bridget’s guest is Dr. Trey Malone (Assistant Professor, Agriculture, Food, and Resource Economics at Michigan State). Trey and Bridget talk about the differences between consumer preferences (I like pink petunias) versus perceptions (petunias require a lot more water than succulents). Which can marketers influence more easily? Which influences purchases more? Listen and learn how you can use consumer preferences and perceptions to encourage purchases.

Episode 35 transcript