S2, Episode 3: Dr. Phil Howard on Stealth Ownership

Bridget and her guest co-host, Trey Malone, welcome back Phil Howard to continue his discussion on mergers and acquisitions. Specifically, they talk about stealth ownership. This happens when a firm buys a brand or other business but works to keep that relationship under wraps. It’s more common in the beverage industry that you’d think.


S2, Episode 2: Dr. Phil Howard on Mergers & Acquisitions

Bridget and guest co-host Trey Malone welcome Phil Howard from the Department of Sustainability at Michigan State. Phil has published some recent research on when and why agricultural firms acquire competitors or suppliers. Phil’s research gives us insight about growth opportunities during periods of sluggish sales growth.

Episode 2 transcript

S2, Episode 1: Resolutions

Happy New Year! This week, Bridget has some suggestions for business marketing resolutions to help your business prosper and thrive in 2019. From learning a new skill to reflecting on good and not-so-good occurrences at the business, Bridget will give you some ideas for ways to help your firm grow in 2019.

Season 2 Episode 1 transcript


Episode 45: Adventures in Prague, Czech Republic

In September, 2018, Bridget traveled with the International Garden Center Association on their annual garden retail adventure. This year, they visited the Czech Republic and were based in Prague. Bridget talks about some similarities and differences between merchandising and what is being merchandised in the U.S. and this central European country. Next year, the tour will be in London!

Episode 45 transcript


Episode 44: Marketing Faux Pas with Leslie Halleck

Some firms struggle to develop and execute marketing plans. This week, Bridget’s guest is Michigan State graduate Leslie Halleck, founder and president of Halleck Horticulture. Bridget and Leslie have a chat in the car about three of the more common marketing faux pas and how businesses can address them.

Episode 44 transcript


Episode 43: Marketing Yourself with Dr. Jennifer Brown

Bridget starts a mini-series with some special guests. This week, former doctoral student and current Vice President and Dean of Undergraduate Education at University of California Riverside is Dr. Jennifer Brown. Jennifer and Bridget had a rare chance to catch-up and Bridget asked Jennifer to share her expertise on marketing yourself. Jennifer shares three tidbits that helped her market herself. Maybe they will help you, too.  First, work on developing the talents and skills you have. Second, build the confidence and share them with those who will be helped the most. Third – get that elevator speech ready!

Episode 43 transcript

Episode 42: The Social Nature of Local Purchases

While the word local goes unregulated (as to how far away something truly is local) many people are willing to pay a premium price for locally-produced goods. But have you ever thought about why they are willing to pay more? This week, Bridget and Trey Malone (Agriculture, Food, and Resource Economics at Michigan State) talk about the social nature of local goods. It turns out, there is a reason why social media marketing on Facebook (and how many friends a retail business has) may really pay off for local products.

Episode 42 transcript


Episode 41: The Distance to Local

Local is one of those unregulated terms that many retailers elect to use. Prior research shows that some consumers are willing to pay more for locally-grown products. Bridget’s guests this week are Dr. Trey Malone (Agriculture, Food and Resource Economics at Michigan State) and doctoral student Jarrod Ferris. The three discuss Jarrod’s recent work about consumer perceptions of local as it pertains to Michigan cider.

Episode 41 transcript