Episode 8: Getting New Hires Started Successfully

With unemployment at an all time low, finding and keeping new hires is a big challenge. Getting them on-board for a successful start is key to keeping them on your team. Based on a 12/18 Harvard Business Review article, Bridget discusses the technical and social activities to get new employees off to a great start.


S2, Episode 7: Good, Better, Best Pricing

Good, Better, Best or three-tiered pricing is not a new concept. Many businesses in diverse industries have been offering 3-4 price levels for years. However, the concept hasn’t reached everyone. This week, Bridget talks about a recent Harvard Business Review Article that tackles the subject. Hear her thoughts on why good, better, best pricing might help your firm garner more profits or bring in more customers.


S2, Episode 6: Text-based Marketing

Who goes anywhere without their cell phone? This week, Bridget talks about a new twist on an “old” idea: permission marketing. Text based marketing is happening at a lot of businesses. Is it time for you to consider texting your customers? Listen as Bridget talks about her recent conversation with Tim Dunn (HD Business Advocacy and vendor for SenText text-based marketing).


S2, Episode 5: What’s Your Vision?

What’s your vision? Bridget talks about vision statements this week. Whether its for one day, one week, or one year – clearly articulating a vision for what you want to accomplish can really help you manage your time. Listen this week and learn more about the power of vision statements.

Season 2 Episode 5 transcript

S2, Episode 4: Marketing plants with fragrance

Oh, Oh, that smell! Quite a few plants have a pleasing fragrance, but how often do we ask our customers to stop and smell the roses? This week, Bridget discusses marketing fragrant plants at a slight premium. Some of her research shows that plants with hedonic (sensory) attributes can garner a premium price.

Season 2 Episode 4 transcript

S2, Episode 3: Dr. Phil Howard on Stealth Ownership

Bridget and her guest co-host, Trey Malone, welcome back Phil Howard to continue his discussion on mergers and acquisitions. Specifically, they talk about stealth ownership. This happens when a firm buys a brand or other business but works to keep that relationship under wraps. It’s more common in the beverage industry that you’d think.


S2, Episode 2: Dr. Phil Howard on Mergers & Acquisitions

Bridget and guest co-host Trey Malone welcome Phil Howard from the Department of Sustainability at Michigan State. Phil has published some recent research on when and why agricultural firms acquire competitors or suppliers. Phil’s research gives us insight about growth opportunities during periods of sluggish sales growth.

Episode 2 transcript

S2, Episode 1: Resolutions

Happy New Year! This week, Bridget has some suggestions for business marketing resolutions to help your business prosper and thrive in 2019. From learning a new skill to reflecting on good and not-so-good occurrences at the business, Bridget will give you some ideas for ways to help your firm grow in 2019.

Season 2 Episode 1 transcript


Episode 45: Adventures in Prague, Czech Republic

In September, 2018, Bridget traveled with the International Garden Center Association on their annual garden retail adventure. This year, they visited the Czech Republic and were based in Prague. Bridget talks about some similarities and differences between merchandising and what is being merchandised in the U.S. and this central European country. Next year, the tour will be in London!

Episode 45 transcript